Global Health Consulting Group (GHCG) creates successful solutions using a multidisciplinary and innovative approach for today's global development challenges. Our team expands opportunities by combining technical skills, academic rigor, cultural respect and local knowledge, to deliver gender equity and global health solutions.  We respond to issues ranging from disasters to emerging threats to maternal child health and education.

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Organizational & Policy Consultation

GHCG uses research, data synthesis and policy analysis as well as development strategy, policy and long-term action plans to evaluate overall structure. GHCG reviews current organizational structure to improve efficiency, work flow and output. GHCG creates new networks and community support for long term sustainability. GHCG advises on new funding opportunities and development strategies.


Planning, Implementation & Evaluation

GHCG works to create long-term solutions by integrating key stakeholder values, best practice and creative adaptations for organizational needs.   Consultants work from conceptions though evaluations to ensure effective implementation of strategies. GHCG provides on-site community-based, project assessment services.


Trainings and Capacity Building

GHCG designs custom education including train-the-trainer, capacity building, health system strengthening and emergency management/disaster relief preparation. Education and training includes the development and adaptation of guidelines, as well as training materials/job aids for various levels of the health system. Each training is tailored to be culturally relevant and strives to incorporate local healthcare workers with implementation.