Train the trainer

GHCG has created multiple evidence based train the trainer courses for medical provides attending births. We are committed to tailoring the workshop to best meet the specific needs of each group. GHCG goes beyond "just skills" and works with local providers to identify and address barriers to care for long term improve newborn maternal outcomes.


International Volunteer Preparation

Take a two day intensive primer with GHCG, to best prepare for international placements, disaster relief volunteering, or emergency response team work. This course will focus on fine tuning exsisting skills for best use in a disaster or low resource setting.



University & Hospital Classes

Host the GHCG team for skill-specific classes and professional trainings.  We can instruct students or employees on improving international work communications, skills and outcomes.  Contact us for current pre-set topics or let us customize a program to meet your institutional needs.


Cultural Competency

GHCG offers courses in cultural competency, whether required for licensure or simply to communicate more effectively.   At GHCG we believe cultural understanding is a key component for training and leads to improved outcomes in all settings.


Continuing Education

GHCG works with national licensing and accreditation boards to approve our professional continuing education offerings. Interested in a class?  Contact us for up-to-date class listings, custom classes or more information.