Specialist Consulting

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Our method

Global Health Consulting Group (GHCG) acts in partnership with organizations, foundations, governments, local agencies, and philanthropists to create solutions that offer comprehensive change to international health and development, with a specialized focus on outcomes for women and children.

Our unique approach of creative problem solving incorporates partnership, collaboration and inspiration. We integrate culturally appropriate wisdom to best serve families within their own communities.  We guide them to find and identify issues, barriers and solutions to their own unique and effective model of care, to reduce the risks of motherhood, and support infant survival. We help strengthen national health systems, educate and implement best practice, and introduce new technologies. We support clients in shaping health policy, strategy goals, and scaling up interventions to reach target populations cost effectively.

How we work

We know from experience in order to create tangible results each project needs to be approached and analyzed individually. We strive to utilize local expertise, capabilities and tools to build effective interventions.