International Skills Workshop For Students and Midwives:  

The Best Help Comes Prepared

November 9 - 16, 2019

100% of Profits will support  Maison De Naissance

100% of Profits will support Maison De Naissance

  • Learn from local experts

  • Learn on-site

  • Learn how to be helpful

  • Get hands on skills in community outreach

  • Support a local clinic

Are you a student midwife or recent graduate midwife interested in working internationally or volunteering after a disaster? Come to Haiti to refine your skills so you can work effectively in low resource and disaster settings. Midwives are ideal for out of country and humanitarian work but they need training in the specifics of working out of the country or in a disaster setting to be truly effective.

The week long trip will be taught by the Haitian midwives of Maison de Naissance Marie Melone Louis and Rosier Gerline and supported by American Midwife Erin Ryan and Dr. Sarah McCool, a professor in Public Health.(see bios below) This course will focus on how to best integrate yourself and your skills in the international setting with respect for the local culture. You will get didactics and hands on skills in addition to time with professionals to ask questions and seek personal guidance.

People who complete the week will be prioritized for our international volunteer opportunities.

This workshop is limited to 6 students.

This workshop was born out of a desire of all involved to improve the experiences of local midwives and communities with international volunteers. We all value international volunteer exchanges but each of us has seen it go very badly. We realize that a key component to improving is centering and empowering the local midwives as experts in midwifery as well as in their culture. This is why the workshop will be led by the local midwives, Marie Melone Louis and Rosier Gerline and supported by Erin Ryan LM, MPH and Dr. Sarah McCool. Our approach will open hearts and improve midwifery skills

This week long immersion that will be perfect blend of academics, hands on skills and cultural experience. You will attend workshops on handling both normal birth and complications in low resource settings, participate in community outreach,and assist midwives in well clinics. Evenings will be spent together exploring cultural awareness. We will be introduced to the Creole language and Voudou, learn a local craft and enjoy a dinner with the clinic staff. Time will be available with Erin Ryan LM CPM to discuss your future goals as well as signatures for NARM skills.

The group will be limited to 6 participants to ensure

Your investment is $1800.(early birth sign up $1500 by August 15). We will all meet at the airport and drive together to Southern Haiti. All food and lodging during the week of the trip is included.

You will be responsible for transportation to and from Port Au Prince airport

Proceeds will go to support Maison de Naissance

This program will be limited to 6 participants. Please apply early.

Contact Erin Ryan with any Questions

Meet the Instructors

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Marie Melone Louis

I became a midwife because I used to be a nurse, and when other nurses or auxiliary midwives were delivering babies I felt helpless and constrained. In my neighborhood there was no midwife, but one was needed. I completed more training so I could serve my community. What I like best about working at MN is delivering babies, prenatal care, and also that medicines are available for the patients as needed.I look forward to helping train more midwives to work in my country


Rosier Gerline

When I was a little girl playing with my friends, I was always the nurse. Sometimes I would use a stick and pretend to give injections to the dolls! In 2012 MN proposed to send me to study to become a midwife, and I was very happy. I had always felt of limited use in the birth center because I couldn’t help in the delivery room. After I came back from midwifery training, I could deliver babies and also provide prenatal consultations. That’s why I love MN! I enjoy teaching new midwives.

Erin Ryan LM CPM MPH

I became a midwife in 2001 and have worked in Uganda, Haiti, Bali, Bangladesh and Morocco on birth center and maternity projects .I have been training and teaching midwives since 2004. Workshops such as these allow us to build relationships, trust and amplify our ability to support each other to reduce maternal mortality. As midwives we work hard let’s work together to lighten the load.

Dr. Sarah McCool

. I am a college professor at the School of Public Health at Georgia State University and global health practitioner. I have worked on projects in multiple countries but have done the bulk of my work in Haiti. I love sharing my passion for global health with students and pushing them to think beyond the traditional solutions for global health issues.

Be a part of the change. Learn the skills and knowledge you need to be an effective international midwife. Come to Haiti for collaborative midwifery learning, cultural exchange and deep exploration of global health.

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