Making dreams a reality....

Jacquelyn Aurora and Erin Ryan met in 2012, while working abroad in Indonesia. In early 2014, they were called to serve as volunteer coordinators for an emergency clinic and birth center in the Philippines, bringing international midwives to support local midwives following the devastating Typhoon Yolanda. In the following years, they met at conferences, led student skills trainings, attended birth symposiums, and ultimately established a business partnership, Global Health Consulting Group (GHCG). Together, they identified the need for a consulting service run by midwives experienced in low resource settings, with respect for local culture, utilizing innovation and creative problem solving. They bring years of combined professional experience, as well as business and public health degrees to address each project with a unique combination of skills and talent. Whether your project is in the idea phase, expansion phase, or new systems are needed for a current project, hiring GHCG is an excellent decision.

Every step of the way...

As midwives, we know the importance of a holistic approach for creating viable long term solutions for vulnerable populations. At GHCG, we are here from inception to completion of your projects. We are available for assessments or monitoring and evaluation, both onsite and distance, development, program planning and organizational management. GHCG works with you to help bring ideas to life, while offering a wide variety of resources, as needed. During all steps of the process, we offer timely, transparent communication, ensuring confidence and overall success.

Areas of Specialty

  • Gender Equity & Education
  • Women & Girls issues
  • Reproductive, Maternal Newborn, Child & Adolescent Health (RMNCAH)
  • Family Planning / Fertility
  • Immunizations
  • STIs & OID
  • Midwifery
  • Lactation & Advocacy